The Senepol is a two breed composite that was developed on the island of St. Croix, the southernmost and largest of the Virgin Islands. In the 1800s N’Dama Cattle were imported to the Caribbean Island of St. Croix from Senegal, West Africa. The St. Croix island environment encompasses both wet tropics with high humidity and rainfall and hot, dry savanna areas.

The Senepol breed has grown immensely in popularity and, with the use of imported semen and embryos and a solid upgrading system, the numbers have grown accordingly. Today breeders can be found in most provinces of South Africa and also in the neighbouring countries Botswana and Namibia.  ... Read More

Please contact the society to order at:  Tel: (051) 410 0955 or email -


Waistcoats - R250

Caps - R50

Shirts - R250
(For 2xl & Larger for R270)

Hats - R80

2018 Senepol Journal

  ●  8 Maart Raadsvergadering
  ●  25 April - 4 Mei Bloemfontein skou
  ●  29 April Elite Bulgroeitoets klas
  ●  14 - 17 Mei Nampo
  ●  16 Mei Nooitgedacht en Calcrete Veiling
  ●  24 Mei - 2 Junie Royal Skou
  ●  23 Augustus Senepol AJV en Dinee
  ●  24 Augustus Nasionale veiling
  ●  12 - 14 September Nampo Kaap
  ●  17 - 19 September Alfa Skou

●    20 Geregistreerde aanhangsel A oop Senepol Verse te koop. Gereed vir bul. Reitz distrik. Ongeveer 350kg
      Skakel Albie Rautenbach - 082 959 5759
            Kliek hier vir fotos


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Liezel Grobler
Tel: (051) 410 0958

PO Box 506, Henry Street 118, Bloemfontein, 9300

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